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Shaping the Member Experience: What Association Leaders Can Learn From Customer-Centric Companies

Across industries and around the world, organizations are making a shift. They've realized what was once enough to sustain good performance no longer meets the mark. They've recognized the need to stretch to meet consumers' evolving needs and expectations. They've turned their attention from customer service to customer experience.

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Make Hybrid Events your Priority in 2021

The big trend for 2021 conferences and conventions is to develop hybrid experiences that enable attendees to participate either in-person or virtually, depending upon their preference, budget and schedule limitations. After the abrupt shift to virtual events during the pandemic, event managers have now experienced the pros and cons of both live and online events, and we’re seeing the potential to merge the best of both worlds to create more sophisticated events this year.

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Virtual Conference Engagement Ideas

Power Up Engagement at Your Next Virtual Conference


For every organization that suddenly had to convert all of their events to virtual due to the pandemic, it was a significant learning experience. But many organizations have been conducting virtual conferences and international meetings for years and have learned a few tricks along the way. What was once a series of speakers lecturing the audience, one after the other, has now evolved to a multimedia, engaging experience that can be an inviting and fulfilling alternative to an in-person event.

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