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Our 5 Favorite Articles of 2023

Our 5 Favorite Articles of 2023

Over months marked by continued change, we engaged with a lot of association leaders who shared challenges, exchanged ideas, and sparked innovation. Their perspectives have helped us shape content that inspires and enlightens others on similar journeys.

As 2023 comes to a close, we're reflecting on the insights we've shared and received and spotlighting five of our favorite posts that capture learnings from the last year. From crafting community-led growth strategies to measuring community vibrancy, each piece has contributed to our collective learning.

  1. Meet the Modern Member: 8 Traits. As members change, the associations that serve them must, too. Understanding the modern member can empower you to remain relevant in an evolving environment. In this article, we outline eight traits reflecting the changing expectations and needs of today's professionals.
  2. Social Learning Success: Technology, Content, and Community. In the past, associations have emphasized providing a service, such as training or certification. Today, they see the power of social learning to drive community engagement. In this article, we tap into one association leader's insights on the role of technology in advancing learning and community strategies.
  3. Community-Led Growth: What Is It & Why Does It Matter? Community-led growth is driven by members who feel connected to something useful and meaningful in their lives. Imagine if that was the community you built and nurtured. In this article, we explain how community-led growth fuels member experience.
  4. How to Design Your Community Strategy. Creating a community strategy is complex. We want to inspire leaders to be thoughtful about cultivating vibrant communities with a strategy centered on collaboration and clear expectations. In this article, we dive into two essential elements of that strategy: roles and badging.  
  5. How to Build a Vibrant Community to Boost Member Retention. While a large community can be impressive, it's the depth and type of engagement that truly matters. In this article, we explore how to create a vibrant community—a space where members genuinely connect, share, and grow together. (P.S. We also published an e-book on the topic!)

We're eager to see which topics will spark thoughtful conversations and propel our community forward in the new year. Cheers to an equally enlightening 2024!

To learn more about how Forj can help you turn these insights into action and help you grow your online community, schedule a demo with a member of the Forj team.

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