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Adopting an Experience-Driven Approach to Membership Growth

Adopting an Experience-Driven Approach to Membership Growth

Members expectations of their associations and professional communities are increasing based on their experiences with other brands. Technology is advancing all around us. As the bar rises, so do member expectations for a personalized and modern experience. 

In studies looking at the new standards of engagement, 73% of customers said one extraordinary experience raises their expectations of other companies. Consider this: Every day, your members have experiences that influence their perception of your organization, even when those experiences are completely unrelated. 

How do associations and professional organizations keep up with these increasing demands? The answer lies in adopting a member experience mindset.

What is member experience?

Member experience goes way beyond providing satisfactory customer service. It's about forging meaningful connections with members on multiple levels: through their hands, their heads, and their hearts.

Hands. Members join associations because they want to accomplish something—to learn, network, or achieve a goal. Connecting with them on this level is about helping them get something done.

Heads. Once the functionality is in place to help members accomplish their tasks, you have to ensure it's easy for them to understand. Connecting with members on this level is about simplifying processes, ensuring easy access, and making everything searchable.

Hearts. Beyond seeking ease, members desire a sense of belonging, a safe, anxiety-free environment, and engagement with others. Connecting with them on this level is about considering their emotions. 

When you consider all three of these dimensions, you create a member experience that resonates with members on a deeper level.

Why does member experience matter?

A member experience mindset isn't just nice to have—it's a strategic necessity for organizations looking to drive growth, retention, and engagement. Research shows that businesses prioritizing experience significantly improve customer retention, repeat purchases, and lifetime value.

Your members expect more than your legacy systems can give them. If you want them to renew, you need to prioritize a modern, personalized experience. Adopting a member experience mindset that enables you to connect with members' hands, heads, and hearts is the most important step toward exceeding their expectations. 


Are you experience-driven?

If you're ready to elevate your member experience, we can help you create a space where every interaction leaves a lasting impression.  Learn more about how the Forj Platform modernizes community and learning for associations and professional networks.

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