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Forj Expands MX Platform: Advanced Community Capabilities
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Forj Expands MX Platform: Advanced Community Capabilities

Acquisition of Mobilize accelerates innovation for community-driven learning

Forj has acquired Mobilize, a community engagement technology provider, to expand its Member Experience Platform for associations and professional networks. Building upon its recent merger with Web Courseworks, this investment accelerates Forj’s innovation to reimagine community-driven learning.

With the addition of Mobilize, Forj is positioned as the preferred provider for membership organizations seeking a mobile-first platform, coupled with strategic guidance and engagement frameworks to fuel engagement and grow their communities of practice.

The enhanced Forj platform offers member-centric professional organizations a fresh approach to building and nurturing vibrant communities. It modernizes the experience for every stakeholder, including user-friendly design for members, intuitive community management for admins, and quantitative data and ROI for executives and boards. 

"Today’s professionals have taken control of their career journey and are turning to peer communities for professional growth. Their communities of practice have a critical need to modernize their tech stack to meet their members’ experiential expectations,” stated Kurt Heikkinen, CEO of Forj. “This strategic investment accelerates Forj’s innovation roadmap and enables our clients to increase learning and connections, unite members in their purpose, and make an impact in our world.”

"The ease of creating online communities has created new competition for associations. It’s more challenging to acquire new members and keep them engaged,” added Dave Hersh, Chairman of Mobilize. “They need a solution that embraces modern technology that enables members to advance their careers through structured and social learning. That solution is made possible by this combination, and I'm thrilled for Mobilize to become part of Forj." 

With the integration of Mobilize and WebCourseworks, Forj will empower over a million professionals in 2023 through its LMS and Community platforms, while planning to significantly expand its impact in the years to come.

For more information about Forj and its vision for community-driven learning, visit click here.



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